Creative Nature product packaging examples

The Creative Nature range of superfood and ‘free from’ bars are totally delicious and they’re always thinking of new recipes to try out and varieties to test with consumers.

The Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is an amazing product. It’s salt in its purest form and contains 84 trace minerals found in the human body. You can sprinkle it over food, or use it as an exfoliator in the bath!

Their selection of superfood tubs are a great way to eat more healthily.

To give the range the perfect appeal we produced some beautiful illustrations with the help of our talented friend Rachael Dinnage. In addition, we created a totally bespoke set of hand drawn lettering to use on the tubs, to reinforce the natural and healthy feel.

Creative Nature Raw Skinny Greens packaging logo and illustration
Creative Nature muffin and brownie mix packaging

As they constantly developed the product range, new varieties of baking mixes were introduced and designs created to further enhance the branding.

Possibly one of the tastiest and healthiest projects we’ve ever worked on!


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