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                                            The Crazy Scientist LAB

              These science kits provide children the opportunity to become real researchers and experiment
             with their own private laboratory. They make the perfect gift for inquisitive minds. The kits
              come equipped with the necessary equipment and include a clear guide accompanied with photos of the

                             processes as well as fascinating scientific explanations and facts.

                                                                             BUBBLES & FOAM KIT (PC927)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290014368927

                                                                             Children will create a soap membrane, a foam
                                                                             beehive, learn to hold a bubble without popping
                                                                             it, create colourful bubbles and even paint with
                                                                             colourful foam.

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 4+

                                                                             OPTICAL ILLUSIONS KIT (PC207)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290016026207

                                                                             Children can build a magical piggy bank that
                                                                             will make your money disappear, explore colour
                                                                             illusions with special spinners. These are just a few
                                                                             of many exciting experiments inside.

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 6+

                                                                             WATER GEL SCIENCE KIT (PC903)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290014368903
                                                                             Children will experiment with the special
                                                                             characteristics of polymers and how they interact
                                                                             with water and other substances.
                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

                                                                             YOUNG DETECTIVES KIT (PC910)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290014368910

                                                                             Children will experiment with producing their own
                                                                             fingerprint and interpreting it. They'll learn how to
                                                                             extract fingerprints from invisible surfaces using iron
                                                                             powder, talcum powder, adhesive tape and brushes.

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

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