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                                                                             YOUNG SURVIVOR KIT (PC191)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290016026191

                                                                             Learning how to distil and purify water, how to
                                                                             generate water from plants, how to light fire without
                                                                             matches, how to build a solar stove, to build a
                                                                             sundial, a compass, learn Morse code, and much
                                                                             more. Over a dozen experiments in this kit.

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

                                                                             STATIC ELECTRICITY KIT(PC3408)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290018133408

                                                                             This kit contains amazing Static Electricity tricks
                                                                             and experiments! Using Static Electricity, kids will
                                                                             separate salt and pepper grains, stick a balloon to
                                                                             the wall, build flying saucers and an electroscope,
                                                                             make Styrofoam balls dance and many more exciting

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

                                                                             GLOWING SCIENCE KIT (PC535)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290016026535
                                                                             Children will create Glowing Water Gel Beads,
                                                                             Fluorescent Flowers, Glowing Soap Bubbles, Light
                                                                             Printing, Mobiles and much more!
                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

                                                                             CRYSTAL CRAZE KIT (PC542)

                                                                             BARCODE: 7290016026542
                                                                             Kids will be working with exciting materials
                                                                             like Copper Sulphate, Alum, Epsom salt and saline
                                                                             solutions, to create hands on real Crystals. How
                                                                             exciting is that!

                                                                             PACK SIZE: 5 | AGE: 8+

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