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Pimlico Plumbers website design and build

Pimlico Plumbers is London’s leading independent service company. This famous, family-run business has a huge workforce of highly experienced engineers and tradespeople which has been supporting the service and maintenance needs of customers around London for over 40 years.

Website design and development

For quite a few years now we’ve had the huge pleasure of working with the team at Pimlico on their ever-evolving website. Originally a site overhaul was required and a new layout designed, so that customers could find the service they needed quickly and easily. When launched, it was very well received by customers and staff alike and immediately bcame the focus for all things Pimlico, including not only the services available, but also an extensive daily blog by the colouful founder, Charlie Mullins. The website continued to evolve with new pages showcasing media appearances on TV, radio and in the press that became a reference point for PR, a new merchandise section and a new trade site exclusively for the supply of plumbing materials.

As the site grew, a redesign was clearly necessary. After discussions with the marketing team outlining a new strategy, the site was redesigned with a focus on the customer and improved user experience. The new site is fully responsive and provides a platform to advertise special offers, with easy to find services and a clear and transparent pricing structure. Since its launch in the Autumn of 2019, the redesigned site saw an immediate increase in visitor numbers and the call centre also registered a noticable uplift in calls.

Bespoke engineer time management system

A clever addition by our amazing developers was the creation of a bespoke time sheet system for the Pimlico engineers. This system now saves the engineers valuable time, making them more efficient and able to offer an improved level of service to their customers.

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